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Title: Kitty's Favorite
Characters: KittyMarie, Linkara, JewWario, Critic, Chick, Spoony, Film Brain, Roses (quick appearance)
Pairings: My crush on J-Dub is implied.
Rating: PG-13 for language.
Summary: Multiple Channel Awesome contributors compete to find out who their number-one fangirl likes best.
Notes: Implied to take place in Chicago, likely during an anniversary (Pirate Bar is mentioned). Mostly all of the incidents mentioned by contributors as arguments did actually happen.

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Title: The Power Of Giggles
Characters: JewWario, KittyMarie (yes, me, I'm pathetic like that, shut up), Sean (short appearance)
Pairings: JewWario + KittyMarie (Friendship)
Rating: PG-13 for mild cursing on my part.
Summary: J-Dub finds out what makes his biggest fan laugh like, well, a silly little fangirl.
Notes: This basically takes place at a con (likely MAGFest because that's where I'll be meeting him for the first time anyway).

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Another thing.

When I say I write fanfiction, I mean silly, pointless fluff. Cuddling. Pillow fights. Stolen kisses. Tickling. 

That's the kind of fanfiction you're gonna see here. Lots of silly adorableness. Not much else.

Also, a FUCKTON - the majority, actually - are self-insert. So get used to that, too.

Enjoy. :)


Well then, I guess here we go again.


I had a LJ eons ago, and I think it's still up somewhere, but no matter. I've changed a lot since I made the other one. This new one is basically for my major, intense love for basically anything even remotely relating to Channel Awesome/ThatGuyWithTheGlasses.com.

Here's some stuff you should know about me:

Name: Katie.
Age: 19.
Location: North central Connecticut.
Fandom Calls Me: Kitty-Marie, Kitten, Kitty, Katie-Marie.
Favorite Contributors: JewWario, Linkara, Doug, Brad, Spoony, Nash
Favorite Videos: I LIKE CANDY - New England Treats (since I sent him that stuff), YCPT: Labyrinth (or basically anything else J-Dub has ever done, so I can keep this short), all the commercial specials, Spoony's Wendy's riffs, any of the WTFIWWY's, Doug's Austria vlogs, Benzaie's anniversary vlogs, Breakfast With Benzaie, Molossia Landing Day
Fangirl Crushes: J-Dub (though, I have to admit, my crush on him isn't like "I WANNA BEAR HIS OFFSPRING" but more like the crush you get in second grade on the kid down the street), Lewis, Noah, Doug, Mathew
Have you met any contributors?: Yep. Doug, Rob, and Coldguy. I'll be meeting a shitload more at MAGFest 2012. Also, there's a photo of Doug Walker hugging me that has apparently become a viral fan image. So if you've seen that.....yeah, that's me.
Have you been in contact with any you haven't met?: I think it'd be easier to list the contributors I HAVEN'T talked to at least once. I've talked to JewWario so many times that he's become a good friend of mine, giving me the nicknames "Kitty-Marie" and "Kitten" and coming to one of my livestreams on justin.tv. I should stop before I go off on a tangent about J-Dub.....

So, hope you enjoy my silly fangirly rants, and likely fanfiction......