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Title: The Most Magical Place On Earth - Chapter Two
Characters: Go here to read the notes on that.
Pairings: None really.
Rating: PG-13 for minor cursing.
Summary: For this year's anniversary, Channel Awesome came up with the brilliant idea to fly everyone to Orlando for a week at Walt Disney World! Join your favorite contributors (plus one of their biggest fangirls) as they run amok in the four theme parks and Downtown Disney!
Notes: To read more about the Beach Club Villas, go here. For photos, go here. I have the groups in two-bedroom villas. Also, the knowledge of Disney I have in the story? Yeah, real. I'm not lying when I say I read about ten Disney guidebooks a year.

Once the initial commotion died down, Bargo stepped forward and picked up another sheet of paper off the conference table. "Now, about the hotel situation," he began. "The hotel we're sitting in right now is called --"

"The Beach Club!" squealed Katie giddily.

Bargo smirked. "Thank you, Katie. She's correct, this is called the Beach Club. And it's also where we're staying - kind of."

"What do you mean, 'kind of'?" Handsome Tom asked.

"Ooh! Are we at the Yacht Club, then?" laughed Katie.

Everyone turned to look at the hyper fangirl. Finally, Paw spoke up. "KittyMarie, did you swallow a Disney guidebook at a young age or what?!"

Katie stifled a giggle. "Try ten," she replied. "Per year, every year, since I was about eleven."

"No, it's not the Yacht Club," said Bargo quickly. "We'll be staying in a subsection of the Beach Club, called the Beach Club Villas."

The word "villas" elicited a collective gasp from the contributors. "Villas? Really?" Brad asked. "I thought you needed Disney Vacation Club timeshare points to stay in those."

Twenty-four pairs of eyes instantly locked on Brad. "OK, I'd expect Katie to know that," Joe told his friend. "But how the shit do you know that?"

"I can do research too," Brad pointed out.

Rob smiled. "We bought enough timeshare points for everybody," he explained. "We knew we'd need villas with groups like this. The six groups we put you in a few minutes ago, that's who you're rooming with."

"Wait...seriously?!?" cried Katie, her face slowly turning a deep crimson hue. "So that means I'll be rooming with Nella...and, and Lewis....and....and.....and....." She couldn't finish her sentence before being overcome with nervous, embarrassed giggles.

Film Brain chuckled. "Aww, will you look at that. Kitty's all shy now."

"She's got a crush on you, Justin, doesn't she?" giggled JesuOtaku.

Justin nodded and grinned. "A great big huge crush," he teased, poking his blushing fangirl in the side.

"Wait, doesn't she have crushes on both Lewis and Justin?" asked Lupa.

Lindsay smiled. "Yep. Both. But mostly Justin."

"Guys, guys!" shrieked Katie. "I'll be fine! I just didn't realize we'd be, well, staying together!"

Nella slung an arm around the younger girl. "Don't worry, Kitty. I'll protect you from them." She winked.

"ANYWAY!" MarzGurl laughed. "So. Bargo. 25 of us, 25 room keys?"

Bargo nodded and handed a manila envelope to each group. "Don't you dare fucking lose these," he warned. "These have your room keys, which have charging capabilities anywhere on property, your theme-park tickets, your resort maps, though I don't think Lewis and Justin's group will even need one --" (Bargo gave Katie a look) "--everything you'll need for the week. Any questions?"

Luke Mochrie raised his hand.

"Yes, Luke?" Doug asked.

"Is this gonna be like other anniversaries, where we meet up before we disperse and stuff? If that even makes sense."

Rob nodded. "Every morning at 7:30, we'll meet in the hotel lobby - all 25 of us. Each group will tell me, Doug, or Bargo where they're headed for the day, and then we'll split up."

"The exception is tomorrow morning," Doug cut in. "Tomorrow, as kind of a nice way to start our vacation, we have a 7:30 am priority seating for a character breakfast at the Cape May Cafe, right here in this hotel."

Everyone smiled.

"And one more thing," Bargo said. "We said earlier that the person in your group with the best camera, that's the camera you're gonna use. Even still, we really, really recommend having a backup camera, just in case. For example, my group. If anything happened with Rob's camera, God forbid, we'd use Spoony's camera. You got that?"

There was a collective nod.

"Your luggage has already been brought to your room," said Doug. "Meeting adjourned."

It was as if the final school bell had rung for summer vacation. Chairs scraped and papers rustled as the crowd trickled out of the conference room to their villas.


A few hours later, Group 2 (Brad, Phelous, Benzaie, and Joe) was scarfing down pizza and making plans. About twenty different Disney brochures littered the coffee table.

"What is this 'Epcot'?" Benzaie asked, intrigued. "It says you can eat food and buy things from eleven different countries, and there's 360-degree movies in some of them, too. A permanent World's Fair, the pamphlet calls it."

Joe's eyes bugged. "WHOA! There's video games, too?!"

"Where?" Phelous wanted to know.

"This Epcot place, apparently. This says there's a place called Innoventions with a ton of virtual reality games and stuff."

"Oh, Brad, you'll enjoy this," Benzaie laughed. "There's a place called Club Cool run by Coca-Cola where you can try sodas from all over the world."

"Let me see that!" cried Brad, grabbing an Epcot brochure. "Holy shit, this looks awesome! And Italy's one of the countries! Caligula, here I come." He rubbed his hands together excitedly and laughed.

"France and Canada are there, too," Benzaie said, turning to Phelous.

"What do you say?" Phelous asked his friends. "Should we hit Epcot tomorrow?"

"Let's do it," Joe replied.


In the villa next door, Group 6 (Film Brain, Luke, Nash, Tara, and JesuOtaku) was debating between Magic and Animal Kingdoms for their first stop.

"I still say we do the Magic Kingdom first," Luke argued. "It's classic Disney. Space Mountain, the castle, the tea cups..."

Film Brain smiled. "Sorry, Tara, I'm gonna have to take Luke's side here," he said. "I'm a sucker for the classics."

"But...but...hippos!" Tara pouted.

"As silly as the hippo thing can get, I agree with Tara," admitted JesuOtaku. "Plus, Lion King!" She put her fists up in a silent squee.

"Well, we need to decide!" sighed Film Brain. "It's two versus two. We need a tiebreaker."

JesuOtaku turned to her boyfriend, who still had a frozen look of abject terror on his face. "What's wrong with Nash?" Luke asked.

"Fear of Florida," Tara explained.

Nash suddenly spoke. "Animal Kingdom."

"What?" asked JesuOtaku, confused.

"Animal Kingdom," Nash repeated, the color slowly returning to his face. "You said you needed a tiebreaker, and that's my vote. Florida's already full of animals anyway, why not see some of the more exotic?"

Film Brain and Luke had no choice but to acquiesce, on the condition that the group go to the Magic Kingdom the day after.


Later that night, Group 4 (Nella, Justin, Lewis, and Katie) could still be heard, deep in discussion.

"Nella and I were thinking Magic Kingdom first," Katie said. "We were gonna go in the castle and get makeovers and become princesses!"

Nella giggled. "It's like when Elisa's the makeover fairy!"

"I thought you already were a princess," Justin chuckled to his fangirl. "I mean, don't you even call yourself the princess of the fangirls?"

"I'm queen of the fangirls," replied Katie, cuddling her stuffed cat. "I am, however, princess of the kitty girls, making Psykoneko our queen."

Justin smiled. "I stand corrected."

"But either way, that would make you a princess," Lewis pointed out. "Doesn't matter what of, in either yours or Justin's scenario, you'd be a princess anyway."

Katie laughed. "Look, guys, can we just do Magic Kingdom tomorrow? That's what we wanna know!"

Lewis and Justin looked at each other and nodded. "Sounds great!" Lewis said.

"This'll be a blast," added Justin.

Nella and Katie squeed so much that the guys had to whack them with pillows, resulting in an all-out boys-vs.-girls pillow fight. Laughter filled the villa for hours into the night.

"Of all the groups, I'd say we're probably the silliest," Katie giggled to Nella.

"I know! Isn't it so much fun being with these guys?" Nella asked.

"Oh, yeah," responded Katie.

To Be Continued


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Sep. 29th, 2011 08:06 am (UTC)
Oooh, all the groups are rooming together? I really hope some shipping action occurs-nothing too explicit, I mean, but there is just so much potential here! I'm happy Group 2 is going to Epcot because I love Epcot! Also I want to hear Benzaie complain about the France there and how everything is stereotyped or something, haha. Traumatized Nash made me laugh and I hope Film Brain and Luke keep being friendly, since I love that pairing a lot. Makeovers at the castle sound cool, but I hope J-Dub and Linkara find something to do while the girls are occupied. Hopefully in the next part we find out where the other groups are going!
Sep. 29th, 2011 05:09 pm (UTC)
nice story so far :3
Oct. 10th, 2011 04:15 am (UTC)

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