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Sep. 27th, 2011

Title: The Most Magical Place On Earth - Chapter One
Characters: Seeing as this, in the story, is an anniversary special, there are 25 characters. 24 contributors, plus me. I couldn't write a fic about the TGWTG gang going to Disney World and not put myself in it!
Pairings: In this chapter, none.
Rating: PG, though Nash drops the f-word once.
Summary: For this year's anniversary, Channel Awesome came up with the brilliant idea to fly everyone to Orlando for a week at Walt Disney World! Join your favorite contributors (plus one of their biggest fangirls) as they run amok in the four theme parks and Downtown Disney!
Notes: The thing about names - in this story, some contributors are referred to by their real first names, and others by their Internet handles. This is all personal preference. I call them what I would call them if I were actually speaking to them. Also, their personalities vary as well. Some I wrote as their characters, others as their real selves, and still others are kind of a mix. Again, personal preference.

Spoony looked around the conference room at his colleagues. "Can someone PLEASE tell me why we're in Orlando?!" he barked. "What the living HELL is going on here?"

"We've told you this eighty thousand times," Rob sighed. "This is the anniversary special this year. Our budget was bigger than usual - way bigger - so we got the idea to fly you all here. You'll all split into groups of four or five that we've assigned, and the person in your group with the best camera, that's what you'll use. This week we want you to have fun. Run amok around Disney. Go on rides, eat some good food, meet some characters, do some shopping. The only condition is that everything be on film."

Nella and Katie looked at each other gleefuly and high-fived.

"Okay, then what's Katie-The-Fangirl doing here?" Todd wanted to know. "She's.....um, not on the site." He turned to Katie and smiled awkwardly. "No offense to you, I like you, I was just wondering."

Katie shrugged. "I get it all the time," she told Todd. "Actually, he's got a point. Why AM I here, anyway?"

"Well, A, it's Disney World," Doug admitted. "And B, after Justin said yes, we figured we'd better have you on board or you'd kill us. For those two exact reasons."

"Makes sense to me," Phelous said.

Katie nodded. "Thanks, guys. This is an honor."

Lewis raised his hand. "You said you'd already come up with our groups. What are they?"

"I was getting to that," Doug laughed. "There's six groups. Five of four, and then one of five. This was because I took into account who'd want to be with who. If I didn't put you with someone you wanted to be with, I'm sorry, we tried our best to make everyone happy." He turned to the list in his hand. "Group one is myself, Rob, Bargo, and Spoony. And we'll be using Rob's camera."

"Obviously," Spoony said.

"Group two is Brad, Phelous, Joe, and Benzaie."

The four men exchanged smiles.

"Group three, Todd, Lindsay, Lupa, and MarzGurl."

Bennett slapped Todd on the back. "Todd, you're such a pimp!"

"Group four, we've got Lewis, Nella, Justin, and...."

Doug paused dramatically. Katie drew in a sharp breath.

"Of course it's you, Katie," Doug finally chuckled. "I was just screwing around. Did you really think I wasn't gonna put you with Lewis and Justin?"

Katie shrieked joyfully. "J-Dub, Nella, AND Linkara?! Whovian overload! I'm in heaven!"

Doug smiled and studied his list. "Bennett, the Game Heroes, and Paw are group five," he announced.

"Any jokes regarding my name and where we are will be met with a roundhouse kick to the junk," 8-Bit Mickey said with a smirk.

"And group six is our group of five," Doug said. "Film Brain, Luke, Nash, JesuOtaku, and Tara."

Tara turned to JesuOtaku. "Weren't there dancing pink hippos in Fantasia?" she asked excitedly.

"Fuckin' Florida...." grumbled Nash, burying his face in his hands.

Doug put down his list. "Okay, now get with your..." He didn't even have to finish the sentence before the room was overflowing with twenty-five chattering voices. Katie and Nella were comparing the cost of princess makeovers at the Magic Kingdom. Justin and Lewis were talking about Disney's recent purchase of Marvel. MarzGurl was gushing about Studio Ghibli. Nash wondered aloud if the insane stupid of Florida would infect him. Group 2 seemed interested in Epcot's World Showcase. Rob looked at his brother and grinned.

It was going to be a fun week.


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Sep. 29th, 2011 08:00 am (UTC)
Hehe, I'd love to see all the producers take a trip to Disney World! Watching them go on rides and taking pictures with the characters would be so cute I'm sure! Ooh, the groups seem interesting-my favorites are Group 2 and Group 4, of course, but the others have potential to be awesome as well. Oh, will there be any shipping in this fic? You have real good potential for it with these groups and I think you could make some really good, cute, fun moments for couples here, so I hope you do put some in!
Sep. 29th, 2011 03:50 pm (UTC)
OMG This is a great idea!

I can just imagine all the fun everyone can be having. Phelous going through the Haunted Mansion. Chick harassing the girl that plays Ariel and getting chased by sercurity. And not to mention the all too classic "One of the Disney Mascots getting too friendly" with one of the CA female reviewers and trying to grope them leading to a all out brawl.

lol, hilarious! I can't wait to see what happens next.
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